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Streamline Your Trading Experience

Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm in the last three years, and it might do it again. Only this time, you may be ready and hop on the bandwagon. To do that and start learning the ropes in a comfortable environment, you can sign up for a trading platform such as Immediate Revolt, designed so you can jump on as soon as possible. How does a trading platform help you do that? Read on to learn more.


Immediate Revolt Streamlines Your Trading

Immediate Revolt has been built to streamline the trading process as much as humanly possible. The platform is designed to help you trade and facilitate all of the necessary market research and analysis.

This approach makes Immediate Revolt a possible good starting point for beginner traders. There are so many people who have heard of the market but haven't invested. Now's their chance. Immediate Revolt can help smoothen the process by offering various features to help you both trade and learn the ins and outs of the market. All the information is laid out before you, so you can study market trends and fluctuations and hopefully make well-informed decisions, but that’s not all.

Immediate Revolt also provides some helping hands by allowing you to dabble with fake money using the “Demo” account, so you can test your skills before you move on to invest your hard-earned money. And it also allows you to seek help from your account manager, who can notify you when possible viable trading options come up or help you adjust your trading strategy if it’s not working well. All of these features combine to hopefully create a more comfortable trading experience.

The Immediate Revolt User Interface

A comprehensive user interface is what has allowed Immediate Revolt to offer such a user-friendly platform. Most trading platforms online don’t focus that much on the user interface (UI). However, this particular platform was built to encapsulate information as much as possible. Rather than just reading off stats and numbers, the Immediate Revolt interface is different, allowing you to control the flow of data you want to focus on during your trading session. This way, you can hopefully learn to make sounder trading decisions, as you can concentrate on the essentials.

The platform has been homegrown by the development team in-house over the course of three years. They’ve spent a lot of time getting the platform to the point that it's at today.

The Types of Crypto on Immediate Revolt

When you say crypto these days, all a lot of people hear is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is all well and good, but it's only a part of a much bigger crypto market.

On the Immediate Revolt platform, you can find Bitcoin trading, of course, but there are so many other coins that might be worth your time.

Some would say that the important thing about cryptocurrencies is diversification. You never know when a random altcoin might go up through the roof. Even recently, you can look at the performance of XRP. Back in 2017, it came out of nowhere with an enormous increase.

XRP is facilitated on Immediate Revolt, so you can try and take advantage of what may very well have a potential bull run.

In terms of other coins, though, there is pretty much anything you might want. XLM is another promising altcoin that looks on the verge of doing great things according to some experts. And in addition, the platform does have other major Bitcoin competitors like Ethereum.

What you invest in is all down to your personal preference. With that, you might be better off diversifying your portfolio as much as possible, so you can hopefully be better prepared for any sort of sudden price fluctuation.

Immediate Revolt is Generally Free

With a lot of trading platforms, there's some kind of catch. Maybe it's the promise of unrealistic results or just some signup fees, withdrawal fees, or any number of hidden charges.

This kind of policy is what kills crypto trading. Why would new traders get involved in the industry if they don't get to keep their deposits?

Not only does this limit crypto trading to a group of people over a certain earnings threshold, but it also lacks transparency. The team at Immediate Revolt doesn't believe in that kind of policy. They offer their platform generally free of charge to all users. There are no hidden fees of any kind. You can create an account for free.

The only time you might be charged a nominal fee is if your account manager decides to collect a small percentage for their services.

The History of Cryptocurrency

To truly understand the current stage of crypto development, you need to understand the history behind cryptocurrency as a whole. Bitcoin was released way back in 2009. It was a small little technology that was going for a few dollars per unit.
It stayed that way for eight years until 2017, at which point the market more or less exploded overnight.

It went from one Bitcoin being a few dollars to being worth upwards of $20,000. Nobody could have really predicted this, so only the lucky ones that put money into Bitcoin early were able to take true advantage of it. And nowadays, some experts believe the market is a repeat of that exact situation. Those experts say that all cryptocurrency, in general, is arguably on the precipice of a massive bull run, so it might be only a matter of time before things start taking off.

As 2023 goes on, the future may be very interesting for crypto. More and more mainstream governments and corporations are starting to use and regulate crypto. The SEC recently set up a department entirely focused on cryptocurrency. As well as that, there are talks of Asian banking conglomerates using XRP to settle trillion-dollar corporation debt.

For some experts worldwide, there's absolutely no doubt that in the next few years, crypto is going to become a part of mainstream life, especially as the dollar continues to weaken. The future may look bright for crypto, and it might be a good time to join in.

Why Crypto?

There are some possible good reasons to invest in crypto. The most obvious one is the option for possible returns, although it must be noted that crypto is highly volatile, and trading is a risky business.

However, another reason that a lot of people are investing in crypto is out of fear of a dollar collapse. The U.S. market is heading towards inflation. Already we've seen the value of a dollar decline, and many believe that it's only going to get worse. The fear is that if your assets are all in dollars, you very well may lose it all in the coming years. By investing in crypto, you might be able to protect yourself against that painful and sudden possible bankruptcy.

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What is Cryptocurrency?

Everything that you’ve read about up to now is all well and good, but there's the matter of actually understanding what crypto is in the first place. Immediate Revolt is aimed at beginner traders, so it's only natural to cover this topic.

Cryptocurrency is a digital type of money. It's like the dollar or the euro, but instead of having notes and coins, it's all numbers on a screen. While it might be a currency, it actually acts a lot more like a commodity. You're never going to see the pound or the euro go through the types of price swings that crypto does.

It's honestly unlikely that you see commodities go through that change, either, but some would say that crypto acts a lot more like gold than any fiat currency.

Why does that matter to you, though? Well, it means you might want to treat your crypto trading game more like you're trading gold and not like you're on the Forex. Whether you're planning on shorting your coin or you would rather go along with it, make sure you're prepared for a scary lack of stability.

As a digital currency, crypto can be used in certain online stores to purchase items. Not every store accepts it, but more and more are every single day. There are also no physical stores that currently accept crypto as payment, but it's possible that in the future, that will become more mainstream.

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Common FAQs

Immediate Revolt has been built to streamline the trading process as much as humanly possible. The platform is designed to help you trade and facilitate all of the necessary market research and analysis.

At Immediate Revolt, the team gets asked questions about crypto all the time. They do their best to answer every query individually. A lot of people have the same queries, though, so below is a short FAQ list that you can refer to.

Do you need experience to trade?

A lot of beginner traders are worried about a lack of education or experience in the world of cryptocurrency. While having prior interaction with cryptocurrency certainly helps, it's by no means a necessity on Immediate Revolt.

The platform was built specifically for beginner traders that don't know where to start. It's straightforward and intuitive to use, so you can use it to start your trading journey by both learning as much as you can and practicing with “Demo” or live trades. The only way you can hopefully become a better trader over time is through dedication, commitment, and practice.

How many hours do you need to put into Immediate Revolt each day?

There is no set amount to recommend. The more time you dedicate to researching the markets and building your trading strategy, the more chance you have to hopefully make well-informed decisions.

However, it is totally up to you to decide how much time you can afford to dedicate, and Immediate Revolt can try and help make the journey a little less bumpy by providing you with the means to hopefully improve your skills. The mere fact that you can trade with any device, whether you are on vacation or at the office, means that you can always monitor your trades, learn from your mistakes and try to cut your losses when necessary. And, of course, there are other features that can streamline the whole process, like an account manager to assist you.

What coin should you start with?

Diversity may be key when it comes to crypto holdings. You may not want to listen to self-appointed gurus that tell you to go all-in on one coin.

That being said, novices cannot be expected to master all coins and trends at the same time, so you may want to start with one or a few coins that best suit your goals. Of course, Bitcoin is always at the top of the list. The movements of this coin influence the movements of every other type of crypto, so you can consider Bitcoin.

Ethereum is the next biggest crypto and according to some experts has the potential to overtake Bitcoin. It's got a lot of utility that might make it a good first investment. Aside from those two, you can also explore XRP and XLM. Both of these coins are by all accounts might be on the precipice of a massive breakout, just remember how volatile the crypto market is, so make sure to trade responsibly.

How long does it take to sign up?

Most crypto trading platforms have long and clunky signup procedures. There are all sorts of documentation that you need to fill out, and that's not even touching on the identity verification.

You don’t have to go through any of that with Immediate Revolt. The signup process is very straightforward. If you wish to sign up, you only need to provide your name, email address, and phone number, and of course, agree to and accept both the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

Next, you’ll receive a verification email. Click on the link to be connected with your broker’s website, and you can log in to the platform there. That’s it.

Now all you need is to fund your account with a minimum of $250 and start your trading journey.

Do you have to buy one full Bitcoin?

Bitcoin costs a fortune for just one unit. There aren't many beginner traders out there with more than $15,000 to invest in their first crypto.

Luckily, through exchanges, you can buy Bitcoin in parts rather than as one whole unit. Bitcoin is divisible by the eight decimals, meaning you can buy as little as $1 worth of Bitcoin. These little chunks of Bitcoin are called Satoshi, named after the coin's creator.

How to store coins?

Cryptocurrency is digital. As a result, you're not going to be able to store it the same way you can store your other fiat currencies. At the moment, you can't store crypto in your bank account, although that might change in the near future. More importantly, though, you can't go to an ATM and withdraw it.

Instead, you have two different options, both of which are referred to as crypto wallets. The first option is a hot wallet. The second option is a cold wallet.

What is a hot wallet?

Hot wallets are a type of cryptocurrency wallet that is always connected to the internet. People that use their phones as a crypto wallet have a hot wallet.

This constant Wi-Fi connection makes hot wallets incredibly convenient to use but also leaves vulnerabilities in terms of safety.

A hot wallet being hacked is relatively unheard of, though. So as long as you're not leaving your coins in your account on a brokerage site, then you shouldn't have anything to worry about on the security front.

What is a cold wallet?

A cold wallet is an offline wallet that doesn't maintain a constant internet connection. Needless to say, these wallets are a lot less convenient. You need to jump through hoops to move your currency to and from one.

However, it's also a lot safer. There's no risk for a potential attack unless you plug it into an infected machine or unless you have one with Bluetooth.

Cold wallets can be bought online from the likes of Amazon. You're going to find "ledgers," which are the industry standard in cold wallet storage.

There are some great cheap ledgers out there that make storing your crypto a breeze, so consider ordering one before you make any big-money moves.

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